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Our Services

Please find the following services and pricing for management services provided by Pike Pig Systems Inc. (PPS).

Sow Programs

Full program: The full program option is an option that most farms that we manage take 

advantage of. This is a turnkey program for the owner(s). PPS management takes care of all items relating to the operation of the sow farm. This includes, locating, training and retaining employees. Trucking, pig flow and delivery to insurance bids to budgets, all are taken care of by PPS staff. 

Partial program:

This option allows the producer to stay more involved in the farm’s day- to-day operations but be provided with professional guidance to the extent the owner desires.

This option includes, employee training, records analysis, monthly farm visits by PPS staff, unlimited phone consultation, financial budgeting and pig flow. A written report will be submitted to the owner(s) upon visit.

Quarterly program:

This option is for farms that want to have another set of eyes evaluate their farms but have other options as well. This program is similar in nature to a retainer program and includes a quarterly visit by PPS staff to the farm, unlimited phone calls, records analysis and observation. A written report will be provided to the owners upon site visit.

Day-rate program:

PPS staff is available by the day to do farm visits, producer or industry meetings, Lender relations, etc. 

Hourly Program:

This option allows PPS staff to assist the farms in any way desired by the farm, from pig flow to building design to spread sheets. Whatever the need, we have a vast array of material needed to assist your farm.Growing Pig Programs

Weaning –Finishing management: This program includes pig flows, trucking, scheduling of market animals, vaccination protocols, trend charts, etc. 

Nursery Management : Includes site visit with written report, coordination of transportation, feed budgets and employee training.

Finishing Management : Includes site visit with written report, coordination of transportation, feed budgets and employee training.

Maintenance Services: Experienced maintenance technician in all facets of the swine building repairs. Hourly rate of $40.00/hr.

Outsourced services: PigKnows records bureau available, Independent dry goods, pharmaceuticals and feed additives/products negotiations. 

PIC semen available.

PIC Parent, Grand Parent and Great-Grand Parent gilts available through our system.     



A. Sow and Piglet Care

B. Decreased Matings/Service 

C. Consistent, Sustainable Pig Flows

D. Common Sense Approach


Facility Designs

A. Building Designs

B. Ventilation

C. Animal Movement


Dry Goods Sales

A. AI Supplies

B. Farm Used Dry Goods


Project Enhancement 

A. Financials/Lender Relations

B. Start Ups

C. Site Development/Building Design

D. Animal Flows



A. PQA Plus




A. PigKnows

B. PigChamp

C. Records Analysis

D. FBS Financial Accounting

E. FBFM Financial Accounting


Production Management

A. Staffing

B. Training

C. Production flows

D. Budgeting

E. Goal setting



A. Site Audits

B. Transport Audits

C. Feed Mill Audits

D. Truck Wash Audits



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